“It begins with a knowledge of his surroundings. How does the child assimilate his environment? He does it solely in virtue of one of those characteristics that we now know him to have”



Cindy Oaks provides a warm and enabling environment for your baby and prepares (Care, facilities monitored environment. Our environment is child- centric, allows freedom and encourages self-dependence. It displays patience, completeness, humility, and respect for one another, self-care, self-discovery and genuine appreciation.


Montessori activities: We incorporate Observation and the follow the child approach which helps a teacher determine the state of preparedness of a child for a particular activity as well as sensitive peroids. It also helps the Teacher understand his/her learning pattern, behavior and consequently channel the child’s development process on the right path.


Our Elementary School is grouped into two:

  • Lower Primary: Key stage 1 which includes Year One and Year Two classes
  • Upper Primary: Key Stage 2 which includes Year Three to Year Six classes

We provide the highest standard of elementary education by providing an integrated curriculum -for children in the primary years. This is a hybrid of the International Primary Curriculum and Nigerian curriculum, integration is aimed at ensuring our children are better positioned for excellence in all future endeavours.

At Cindy Oaks, we foster higher level critical thinking aimed at challenging our children’s imagination. We apply a healthy dose of Montessori education where needed to ensure the child connects with abstract knowledge effectively.

Subjects taught at the Primary level include

Literacy (Grammar, Creative Writing, Comprehension, Spelling and Phonics)

Numeracy (Mathematics)



Social science

Civic Education

Moral Instruction

Christian religious education,

Arts and Craft


Physical and Health Education


Yoruba Language

We inculcate Personal, emotional and social development, STEM activities, Chess, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Child protection knowledge and Knowledge and Understanding of the world through the course of the terms

Our curriculum is experiential equips all our life long learners with 21st century skills that position them to be future ready. Learning can be delivered individually, in small groups or large groups

Mid term projects are given during the mid term and field trips take place at least twice during the term to solidify the child’s learning experience.


Cindy Oaks provides families with a safety net for children 0 to 12 years after the regular school hours – this includes our pupils and external pupils.


Breakdowns in regular care arrangements cause stressful disruptions that can affect your ability to balance personal and professional demands. We have got your back!