Great News, dearest parents!????

Skill Up Summer is back and better!?

Do you desire for your wonderful children to acquire 21st century skills that they need to navigate an ever-shifting workforce?

Will you love your champs to be able to adapt to new requirements, overcome unexpected obstacles and thrive wherever life takes them?

Sure it’s a YES! And tell you what? It takes being intentional about investing in their knowledge to make your children global citizens.

Please give us the opportunity to consolidate your great efforts in ensuring your kids participate successfully in a global economy.

Save spots for your kids and teenagers, and join other wonderful children at C.O.S Skill Up Summer Camp 2.0

We trust that every moment at our Summer Camp will activate your child’s academic and intellectual skills, talents and abilities.

Register via or reach out to the administrative lines for further enquiries.

Let’s skill up the fun way this Summer?

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