Friday 19th of march was our wacky sport day. Our kids had so much fun even though we couldn’t have the usual large event due to the covid-19 restrictions.

Below is the outline of activities we had:


  1. Water burst balloon
  2. Color track game
  3. Squeeze the sponge


  1. Egg race
  2. Book balance
  3. Balloon burst

All the games our champions engaged in were not only fun but had numerous intrinsic and extrinsic benefits, some of which are stated below:

  • Water burst balloon 

(a) It releases energy – Kids can find water play calming and invigorating depending on the activity been presented.

(b) Emotional therapeutic: It doesn’t have to be loud and busy, children benefit from the relaxing and repetitive nature.

(c) Develop social skills: it gives many opportunities for children to develop crucial social skills when they are working with just one other child or a whole group.

  • Color Track game  

(a) Fine motor development: Coloring helps children develop good finger grip. It provides an opportunity to practice holding a pencil, the correct way and aids in developing those fine motor muscles in their hands, fingers and wrist.

(b) Concentration: Children’s length of concentration develops and improves overtime.

(c) Color Recognition: Coloring activities encourages color awareness using different color gives children an opportunity to explore different combination and let them see how they can change the appearance of the picture.

(d) Hand and Eye Co-ordination: It assists in the development of hand and eye coordination as the child learns to color within a specified area.

  • Squeeze the Sponge 

(a) It helps the kids to clean up after spill

(b) It makes the children develop a foundation of working with a sponge for when real messes may occur.

(c) It allows children to explore a substance and make discoveries about it. Observing a branch or paper float or sink will teach them in a practical way.

(d) They would learn new words while having fun with water and having conversations about it.

(e) It can be both invigorating or relaxing and calming for young children. It increases the ability to concentrate on one activity when presented a repetitive activity.

(f) It makes the children to build the foundation for understanding various scientific concepts.

  • Egg Race

(a) This game is a lot of fun. It can also lead to discussion around speed and distance, as well as promote critical thinking skills.

(b) It helps to develop the child’s hand and eye coordination, balance and their ability to follow instructions.

(c)) It encourages movement and provides a multitude of other benefits like balance, coordination, cooperation and fine motor skills.

(d) It makes other older kids travels in a different way i. e run, jump, walk backwards and skip.

  • Book Balance

(a) It gives the kids control of a particular body position, while performing a given task with minimal postural sway.

(b) This activity gives kids the opportunity to sharpen reflexes and works on movement control.

(c) It makes motor skills easier for the children and also reduces the likelihood of injury.

Our Wacky Sports Festival was not only mega fun but poised to improve our students physical, intellectual and social skills. No medals were awarded, our kids were super delighted to participate in the fun activities in the best way possible.

Please share your thoughts in the comment below and do share with us your favorite sport activities. Looking forward to your responses! 

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